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Until now, freight forwarding has been a challenge for New Zealand importers.
Unless you’re a freight expert, it’s almost impossible to:

  • find out who are the best forwarders from each port of origin
  • get a good range of competitive shipping options to compare
  • understand what’s included in an estimate, and how to compare it to that of another forwarder
  • leverage your buying power

And because pricing freight has been a complicated process for forwarders, often you have to wait days for an estimate.

The result has been time-consuming, expensive and potentially disastrous for your business if you’ve chosen the wrong option.

Enter The Index

The Index is an online marketplace, where New Zealand importers can instantly find the best freight solution by comparing prices, transit times and forwarders’ customer satisfaction.

You can purchase freight forwarding solutions on The Index with confidence, because:

  • The Index calculator walks you through the whole costing process, ensuring nothing is left out.
  • Calculations are made by a powerful, purpose-built system, leaving no room for human error.
  • You have the same purchasing power on The Index as the big guys.
  • All your activity is stored, giving you a complete record of your shipping history at the click of a mouse.

And since The Index is available 24/7, there’s never any waiting around.
But best of all: The Index is free to use.